20 Litres A and R Sodium Hypochlorite


A and R Sodium Hyprochloride


Available in 10/11%, 14/15% and with added Calgon.

Sizes available; 5, 10, 20, 25 litre polys.


Sodium Hypochlorite has many uses;


Water treatment for swimming pools & spa baths.

Bleaching Agent.

Water Purification.

Odour Removal.


Surface Sanitising

Laboratory Use.






Compact Granular Salt 

For dishwashers and water softeners. Supplied in 25kg poly bags.

Rock Salt

Perfect for De-icing footpaths, roads and car parks.

Supplied in 25kg poly bags.

Salt Tablets

Are used in water softeners to soften water in Industries, hospitals, hotels as well as households.

Available in 25kg poly bags.


Block Salt

High quality block salt, suitable for all block salt water softeners.

Each pack contains two 4kg blocks of salt.

PDV Salt

Pure dried vacuum salt supplied in strong 25kg poly bags .Supplied as Food Grade, a fine white free flowing salt. Suitable for water softening, & swimming pools.

Pure Refined Granular Salt

Contains an anti-caking agent. For use in water softeners, Dishwashers & swimming pools.

Supplied in 25kg poly bags.

Splash Sauna Milk

Splash Spa No Foam

Splash Chlorine Reducer


Used as a fast acting and cost effective means of reducing the chlorine level in pool water.
As a general guide add 50 grams to 10m3 of pool water for a
1ppm reduction to the chlorine level.

Use a suitable test kit to establish actual requirements and
adjust as necessary.
Sizes available.  1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 25kg